No one wants to see any pest droppings in their attic; it is so yucky to many people. Discovering this does not only mean that pests have been at that particular place but they could still be hiding there. Despite the inconveniences and the annoyance you might be feeling, it is important to get rid of them as soon as possible to prevent the offensive odor from getting worse and to prevent any spread of diseases and bacteria. If you are trying to clean up after the infestation of pests, you will definitely find different types of debris, food bits, body hairs, urine, droppings, nesting materials and some parasites that stuck to their bodies like fleas and mites. Apart from these things causing you diseases and illness, they can also render the home insulation ineffective, thereby causing you to lose cooling and heating. They can also attract other pests, because the scent they emit can encourage other pests to follow them in their search for food and shelter. With all the problems discussed above concerning pest droppings, they are definitely good reasons to get this problem under control as soon as possible. You will discover the problem first by the trigger in your sense of smell, the unpleasant odor that comes with animal droppings is usually smelled before being seen. This should be your first alert and you should take it seriously. Once you have checked the situation, you will notice a physical evidence of pests making a home out of your home; therefore, you need to sweep into action quickly.


There are three important phases associated with attic pest infestation cleanup which are: Removal of waste materials and the cleaning up of contaminated areas The sanitation of contaminated areas The deodorization of attic and other areas in the home as necessary

Special care must be taken into consideration to protect against feces becoming airborne before contaminated insulations is removed, and before pest droppings and nest are removed. Therefore, before any attempt to remove any of these items, the pest droppings need to be dampened using a sanitizing solution. After the sanitization solution is purchased or prepared, you can place it in a spray bottle. Then the solution can be sprayed on areas contaminated with pest droppings, so allow the sprayed areas to soak for like 20 minutes before you commence the removal and cleaning process. This process is essential towards the killing of dangerous pathogens, and it also dampens droppings and other waste materials, thereby preventing them from becoming airborne during the cleaning process.


Protect your hands by wearing rubber or latex gloves Spray the pest droppings with disinfectant and allow it to settle down for some minutes Remove the excrement with paper towels and dispose them off in plastic garbage cans After everything is cleaned, reapply the disinfectant over the area and any other nearby spot that may have been infected by the pest presence. In addition, if there is any evidence that the pest crossed to other parts of your home; make sure you have those areas disinfected as well.

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